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Protect Your Loved Ones Against the Rising Cost of Funeral Plans

The average burial cost is around £4257 (BBC News) in 2020. With funeral costs rising faster than house prices, petrol and energy, pre-paid funeral plans give you and your loved ones security.

Not many families have thousands of pounds lying around. Pre-paid funeral plans let you protect them by paying for your funeral in advance, at today’s prices. ​

Why Chose a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan?

Here’s an example of the cost benefit of a pre-paid funeral plan. 

  • Simon is aged 71

  • Simon buys a funeral plan today for £4257

  • Prices have already increased by 122% since 2004 (BBC News) and continue to rise

  • Simon passes away in 2031, aged 82. The same funeral arrangement would cost £12,018.

Funeral Plan Providers

There are over 50 funeral plan providers in the UK.
Information about some of these providers can be found here.

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From as little as £14.61 a month*

Cremation Costs

A direct cremation is where the cremation specifically takes place away from a personal service. It’s a little different compared to traditional funerals and is considered to be a modern alternative. 


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